A clean and well maintained business is part of a strategy for providing top notch customer service.

We live in a very competitive world now. It takes a time, energy and money to attract customers. The next challenge is to keep them. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

When a client visits your facility they expect a certain standard of decor and cleanliness. All it takes is a small sign of lack of care and a client can get turned off.

Having The Right Decor Is Not Enough
Yes, you can have the best furnishings, design and artwork, but if there is even a little bit of trash on the floor, the building doesn’t smell right or if the carpet has stains, your client will become uncomfortable. That might be enough for them to start looking for another place to spend their money.

If a client visits the lobby in your office and sees a nice, clean environment, they get a good feeling about your company. When they visit your office or the boardroom and it is perfectly clean, organized and well maintained they gain confidence in doing business with you. All this happens on a subconscious level even before they know the details of what you are offering.

Choosing The Right Commercial Cleaning Service
Of course, you know all this. It’s not news to you. However, when was the last time you felt your cleaning company really ‘got’ how important this is for your success? Does your commercial cleaning company really “care”? Do they go out of their way to notice what needs cleaning and just take care of it? Or, do they keep hoping that you won’t notice and get defensive when you bring it up?

Just as an unclean environment tells your clients you are not a true “professional”, when a cleaning company constantly needs to be monitored, that’s not professionalism either.

In order for you to put your best foot forward for you clients, you need a commercial janitorial company that cares enough to proactively take care of the cleaning without you having to monitor the small day-to-day details.

When clients see that you pay attention to even the small details of cleanliness they understand that you truly value their business.

Things Your Commercial Janitorial Service Should Automatically Take Care Of
Pay attention to the areas where the customers spend their time. The upholstered furniture in waiting areas should be spotless. Leather surfaces should be squeaky clean. Metal should be shiny, with no blemishes or rust. Counter tops need to be cleaned and sanitized often. Drapes, windows and blinds need to be dusted, often. Hardwood floors should be polished. Carpet should always be completely spotless.

These are minimum expectations.

When a professional cleaning crew gets familiar with your office or building, they will notice many small and potentially big problems on a day-to-day level. They will handle anything that needs to be taken care of automatically. If there are expenses involved they will run it by you, but you will never have to worry about not looking good for your clients.

Daily Or Weekly Cleaning Service
Depending on your needs, a daily or weekly cleaning contract gives a professional commercial cleaning company the ability to get to know your facility and your needs.

JANQUEST has over 20+ years of experience. We specialize in providing daily and weekly cleaning for offices, office buildings, retail shopping malls, medical offices and more.

If you want to work with a commercial janitorial service that is willing to “partner” with you in making your business look its best, give us a call: 613-702-4296.

Let JANQUEST commercial cleaning services give you a competitive edge

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