Hiring a professional cleaning company to service all of your custodial requirements is the cost-effective and intelligent choice. All businesses, whether large or small, require regular and thorough cleaning of their premises to ensure they maintain a presentable image, as well as a tidy and germ-free working environment for their staff. Leaving the cleaning in the hands of experts allows you the time to focus on growing and running your own business. In a world of many responsibilities, it’s one more thing off your mind. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should hire a professional janitorial company:
An established commercial cleaning company has the necessary experience, tools and resources to provide the appropriate cleaning duties that your business requires. They also provide specialized cleaning services, not just everyday maintenance. From floors, furniture and entrance glass to counter tops, washrooms and garbage/recycling removal. A professional janitorial company will keep it clean, so you and your staff don’t have to.
You do what you do best, and custodians do what they do best. You have the expertise to excel at your job, as do the cleaners at theirs. Professional building service workers have the training and knowledge of what products to use when, where and on what surfaces. It’s peace of mind; trusting trained professionals will guarantee that the work you want done is done right the first time.
A healthy employee is a productive employee. Keeping the workplace clean and getting rid of germs as well as clutter, is the purpose of a professional cleaning company. Germs thrive where cleanliness is absent, and germs lead to a rise in sickness and a fall in workforce productivity. A neat and orderly work environment with no distractions will increase focus in your workplace.
With in-house cleaning staff, all of the maintenance expenses are yours to bear. In addition, in-house cleaning staff do not possess specialized training. When you hire a professional cleaning company, they provide all of the equipment, qualified personnel and eco-friendly cleaning products necessary to create a spotless finish. As a business owner, you are relieved of any extra costs including benefits, equipment, insurance, supplies, training, wages and holiday/sick pay if you choose to contract out the cleaning services.
A modern cleaning company will implement ‘green cleaning practices’ and refrain from using harmful chemicals such as bleach in order to keep your workplace healthy and safe. All professional janitorial companies should guarantee that any chemicals used in your building will be volatile organic compound (VOC) free, and also make sure that their staff has been properly instructed in the use of the latest green cleaning products. You can be both business-savvy and environmentally-friendly.
Don’t waste your money, resources, stress and time on setting up your own cleaning department. Hire the experts to do it for you. Professional cleaners will adapt to many situations and make sure there is a replacement employee in case somebody calls in sick; their consistent availability and guarantee of quality work is what you can expect.
JANQUEST has over 20+ years of experience within the cleaning industry. No matter the nature or size of the environment to be cleaned, we have the knowledge to ensure a superior job. 
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